Beyond a contemporary Office: The Fourth Floor


  • Our Clients and Partners deserve the highest value in terms of business. Thus our arrangement.
  • The roof top terrace at the BHL Head Office
  • We believe in Aesthetics.

You have been to a number of offices and you are tired of the same treatment. An enclosed concrete structure with air-conditioning and a lot of desks scattered here and there. Yes, our office space is no different to that but we have tried our best to make things pretty interesting.

We have pushed the boundaries as far as aesthetics can be pushed. The fourth floor is where the employees of the building indulge in leisure time and sight seeing of the Nikunja area.

The Conference Room

With a number of specialized rooms for the executive directors of the company, the fourth floor of the office excels both at beauty and splendor. The fourth floor has a roof top garden which serves as an ornamentation to the glass made conference room and the total environment also. There is also a small fountain where business and life blends like nature.