Best Holdings Limited Head Office


  • The Stairway connecting the third and the second floor
  • A Small Conference table inside the Chairman's room
  • The Facade with a neatly designed stairway
  • The interconnecting stairway of the the floors in the Head Office
  • The Chairman's working desk

The building itself is thought to be a wonder when viewed from outside. The BHL Office is unlike any other office you have been before. The facade opens up with a long erected stair where massive glass doors awaits your arrival.

The reception is there to greet you with circles of yellowish ornamentation on the ceiling floor and you will be requested to go to the third floor with the stairs through the door to the right of the reception. You will take the stairs and you will wonder to question that what made the office so much efficient and smart.

Glass windows drape the whole of the building from top to bottom leaving all the opportunity for light to peek in and play their magic. The first two floors were kept empty as the floors are yet to be alive with new employees of the booming company. There is another reception at the third floor and this time, the office unveils itself to you.

Untitled_Panorama56 Final

The BHL Head Office Exterior and the Parking Lot

You are thrilled to be a part of this structure. The floor is stretched out in such a manner where the senior officials have their respective rooms on the two sides of the office space and the general employees have their cubicles laid out in a definite manner.

The fourth floor is yet more magical. A stretched stair connects the two floors and once you step on the fourth floor, you will understand that this is the executive floor where the Company Executives put their dreams into reality.


All the lights turned on, the Office on the Second Floor unleashed its beauty

The jewel of the whole office space is the executive conference room totally made out of glass and surrounded by ornamental plants which will leave you with the impression of doing a conference in a jungle.

The office boasts all the facilities a modern office should have. A number of conference rooms, a roof top leisure area, a prayer hall, spacious rooms and the sophistication of a modern office. The office is situated at 49, Kazi Benzir Sarani Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229.

Stories that happen inside the Office