Heaven for foodlovers at Le Meridien



Fine blend of flavors around the world that tantalise the senses, the restaurant- Latest Recipe at Le Le Meridien showcases a splendid range of world cuisine. The Latest Recipe is on 15th floor of Le Meridien Hotel.




The ambiance and environment of Latest Recipe is really die for any food lover. The restaurant is modern-looking, with contemporary furniture everywhere. The colors are bright everywhere, complementing the black/white marble. Latest Recipe has the array for the families, couples, the young and for the corporate citizen too. From 15th floor one can get a splendid view of Kuril Flyover and all its surroundings with the surprising eye catching revelation of greenery.




The Latest Recipe is all about food. It has different food counters for scrumptious foods of around the world. Latest Recipe offers and introduces new and fresh items in every hour making impossible for one to taste everything.

Latest Recipe offers: salad bar- is all about fresh vegetables, freshly baked breads from bread counter, gooey chesses, Local food counter with the surroundings of all delicious local food items, flavorful pizzas, mouthwatering kebabs, steaks, grilled fish fillets, Japanese cuisine, fresh fruits and juices, desserts and so on.

Latest Recipe has a live kitchen section for serving fresh steaks, cuts and kebabs as per instruction. One can customized his own choice of grill in this section.

Another attraction of Latest Recipe is their dessert section. One place is covered fully with varieties of candy and chocolates, Yummy cakes and bengali sweets in another section. The most attractive part for the kids are chocolate fountains. It has two chocolate fountains with one has regular chocolate and the other has white chocolate. One can coated his chocolate with stick of fruits and other stuff. For chilling your body Latest Recipe also has 5-6t ypes of ice creams.




The hotel brings together a sumptuous array of delicacies from across the globe. Come experience this culinary journey!