BHL Businesses and its effects on the society
Business for a Prosperous Society

Best Holdings Limited puts emphasis on human factors and the society with its business.

For the homeless, a home is more than a mere shelter.
Housing for the Poor, a social initiative by BHL

Housing for the poor, something BHL has believed and thought of as a part of its social responsibility.

Charity run by Le Meridien Dhaka

A Charity Run organized on the 12th of September, 2014 by the Le Meridien and Foru Points Sheraton, Dhaka.

Agro and Dairy
Agro Businesses for a sustainable future

Best Holdings Limited's thoughts on going green and its work or a greener future.

Greenery at Valuka Agro Project.
Environment Concern
We have given a thought to the Nature

Whatever our business is, we make sure that the nature is not affected by any means.

BHL believes in social work
Housing Project for the Poor

BHL roots traces back to Noakhali and this where the company has planned a housing for the rural people.

A sustainable system for a better rural Bangladesh
Insights: The Housing Project at Noakhali

The reality versus the myths at the Noakhali Housing for the Poor Project

A prosperous life for a global village
Dreams fulfilled
Hopes and Aspirations of the Local People

With the housing project almost complete, lets hear what the locals have to say.

A small step, a big change

Demographics said that the BHL Social Service Project was indeed a great success.

Agriculture and Prosperity
Employing the Unemployed

Initiatives by Best holdings Limited has changed the way Rural and semi Rural People think of Employment

Green is everywhere. It is the urge that we use it.
Green Business
Going Green

Whatever the business is, BHL sets its goals keeping the best green technology for a healthier world